Miami Mold Removal Co. Acquires State of the Art Non Invasive Moisture Sensor Technology.


South Florida based indoor environmental service company, Miami Mold Specialist, incorporates the latest cutting edge water and moisture detection system, Hydrosensor.

hydrosensor miami

One of the leading causes of a mold infestation is excess moisture, humidity, and blatant water leaks. The latest model of the hydrosensor allows Miami Mold Specialist to find problematic areas with minimal impact on a customer’s home or structure.

According to Miami Mold Specialists website,”The Dri-Eaz HydroSensor II Collapsible Moisture Probe detects moisture and determines the extent of water migration from its original source. Primarily used to map the presence of water in carpets and padding, this moisture probe is also designed for moisture detection in walls, ceilings, floors, insulation, attics and furniture. An LED light will blink and the transducer will beep when the nickel-plated pins detect moisture levels above 17%. The blinking and beeping become progressively faster when higher levels of moisture content are detected.”

hydrosensor water damage miami

A spokesperson for Miami Mold Specialist stated, “We at Miami Mold Specialist are always staying up to date with the latest industry breakthroughs and innovations. As such, we are constantly updating all of our equipment and systems as to provide the most efficient and effective solutions for all of our clients. That is why we are constantly adding new technologies, such as the new HydroSensor. The HydroSensor allows our state certified technicians to quickly assess if there is excess moisture or water under carpets, behind walls, in ceilings, etc.”

Find out more information about Miami Mold Specialists new state of the art, non invasive, mold and water damage inspection equipment; The Hydrosensor

About Miami Mold Specialists-

image-5.jpgSouth Florida’s Premier Indoor Air Quality and Mold Removal Service Provider- Miami Mold Specialist: High Tech and Eco Friendly Indoor Air Quality, Mold Inspection, 3rd Party “Conflict Free” Mold Testing, Mold Removal, Mold Prevention, and Water Protection Services by Miami Mold Specialist. Multi Certified, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. Over 30 Years Experience!

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